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Community Building with Sustainable Growth

Corporate CSR

CSR Planning & Execution generating 100X Value


Creating Bioshield with Carbon credits benefits

Renewable Energy

Agri Waste, Briquettes, Solar & Torrefaction


Linking Marginalised Farmers & Consumers

Our solutions

Result Driven Customised Solutions

Innovative Customised Solutions with Professional Approach

vision for the future

Sarva Philosophy

Conservation Of Environment And Generating Clean Energy To Create Long Term Opportunities & Build Rural Communities

Sarva means “Inclusive of All”. We enable Last Mile Connectivity for Marginalised Communities by providing them with Markets, Credit and Long term growth Opportunities

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To achieve Social & Enviornmental Sustainability through our Projects


Self-sustainable Ecologically sound livelihood generation activities at Rural level


Interweaving State of The Art Technology platform with the Traditional way of working

Our Team

reEvolution Leadership Team

Jesangji Thakor


Farzana Kadri


What We Build

The energy & technology for the future

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Plantations for Sustainable Environment

Large Scale Mangroves  & Agricultural Plantations for Environment Conservation & Building Rural Communities


Carbon Credit Projects

ESG Consulting, Planning & Execution of Long term Carbon Credit Projects, Partnerships for Blue Carbon


Community Development

Bringing in Market accessibility, Credits, Technology & Growth, for Rural Growth & Development 

Our Services

Mangroves Plantation

Mangroves shield the Coastal areas from Erosion and Salinity, in turn increasing Livelihood opportunities and asset base of people surviving on agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries

Using Technology & Experience for Best Mangroves Plantation

Our Understanding of the Coastal Eco System and Enviornment Conservation Expertise makes us one of the Best Mangroves Plantation Team.

We Partner with Local Community to get the Quality Outcomes by planting & Maintaining the Plantations for a long period of time with Carbon Credit Benefits

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CSR services

CSR Portfolio

We supports the corporate sector in the CSR initiatives and execute their programs in the rural areas. We help them with planning and executing Value driven initiatives with long term benefits

Strategizing and Executing CSR Programs to achieve desired Goals

We focus on improving the lives of rural populace in terms of access to facilities like education, healthcare, sanitation, livelihoods, water availability, agricultural improvement etc.

We act as a bridge between the Corporate & Rural communities, to empower Marginalised Communities through their capacity building by using a Professional approach

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Bio Energy

Renewable Energy

We develop innovative solutions in the Renewable Energy sector. Our Focus areas include Agriculture Waste Management, Solar Energy Solutions, Briquetting and other Green Energy Initiatives

Renewable Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Enviornment

We work extensively with Indian & International clients in this sector to Carry out Market Research, Procurement and Processing of Bio Mass for producing Green Energy using Torrefaction, Briquetting & other advanced technologies

We currently provide Livelihood to more than 500 Families in rural areas in this sector

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Moringa Plantation

We work with Farmers to improve their productivity, efficiency and profit margins by hand holding them through plantation, storage, processing and marketing of their produce with help of scientific innovations and modern farming techniques

Innovative Solutions for Improving Efficiency

We are currently aggregating 500 Acres of land for Moringa Plantation at Bela near Bhavnagar, Gujarat. 

Our aim is to become preferred partner for corporate clients in managing their Agriculture portfolio by providing end to end solutions from Feasibility study, plantation management & Marketing


Waste Management

SARVA, in partnership with Aindri Initiatives private
Limited, is striving to provide an environment friendly, and also, economically beneficial solution for waste management at Industrial as well as residential levels.

Waste Management Solutions for a Sustainable Environment

We help clients to obtain Environment clearance & Green Building Certification along with improving their ESG Score. 

Our compact size Solution helps in reducing Carbon & Methane emission using cost effective Clean Energy at client’s location

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